Name:Dave Silverio
Character Statistics:1L6B
Height:5' 9"
Strengths:Graphite, Line Art and Typography.
Stamina:Arnold Palmers and Chicken Tenders
Defense:I used to parry all your supers, late night when you hit confirm.
Quote:"Just a couple more shots!"
Interests:Illustration, Graphic arts, Arcade machines and controllers, SHMUPS, Offset Fender guitars, tinkering with electronics and computers.
My Dungeon:@hibachifinal, Behance
Bio:I draw and do illustrations and graphics, continously developing my own distinct style and branding. I have gained a customer base for doing arcade stick overlay designs. I play SHMUPS and Fighting games. I go to anime conventions to sell some of my wares. Tech Talk Artist of the Year 2015.
Have done work for:Freelancer.