More so than any community, the FGC can be characterized by two words: DIVIDED | UNITED. Divided by team, group or region. United not always by choice, but by fate of having to compete with one another. Another interpretation of this is what we call a SPLITFRAME. The character select screen from Street Fighter II: World Warrior is just that, a SPLITFRAME. It was a group of fighters that were DIVIDED by countries, but UNITED by competition for one goal, to win. This is the FGC to the core.

The founders of SPLITFRAME, however, dates all the way back to the 1990’s. It was two friends who met at the University of Southern California, each taking different paths towards their passion. Michael West studied business management that would eventually lead him to a successful career in designing and innovating an extensive line of high-end apparel and sportswear. Vinh Trieu, similar to Mike, also studied business administration with an emphasis on the video game industry and started his successful online FGC parts shop (today known as

Throughout the years, Mike and Vinh each focused on their separate careers but would compare notes from time to time on each of their business developments. After years of discussion and preparation the fusion of ideas between them formed SPLITFRAME.

Our company philosophy is simple. We strive to produce the dopest products possible, specifically athletic style gear for the FGC. We are gamers ourselves and understand there are times we would sit and compete for a ridiculous amount of hours. Understanding this, we wanted to create a line of apparel and accessories that will allow gamers to feel comfortable and look good while doing so.

We didn't create SPLITFRAME to just make another line of apparel, because we understand that anyone can do this. Our goal is to create products that make a difference, to the visual eye as well as physical comfort and performance. Follow us on our social media sites and we promise to deliver very exciting products for the FGC in 2015 when we unveil our official launch of FGC Gear.