FS Transporter XL Bag

The one product that we felt needed more attention than any other in the FGC market are bags for fight sticks.  We looked at quite a few fight stick bags on the market today and felt there was a lot of room for improvement in many of the key categories of what a fight stick bag should look like and how it should perform.

Our first goal was to design a bag that would not be mistaken for another type of bag at first glance, such as a duffle bag or a plain back pack.  After countless hours and months of tweaking, we concluded our signature fight stick bag design to be a simple, rectangular shaped bag for the main reason that most fight sticks come in a rectangular box when packaged from the factory.

The FS (Fight Stick) Transporter XL bag can be carried in various configurations that is comfortable for the user.  Add in the ease and functionality of a horizontal, side loading pocket for the fight stick, this is the solution to relieve the weight and stress on the arms and hands, in addition to the efficiency and how little effort it takes to transport your fight stick compared to vertical loading bags.

Performance in design, performance with flexibility and functionality. 

Please note the images attached are from our prototype bag.  The core functionality of the bag will be retained such as the protection and padding, but the colors in stitching of side pocket and zipper will change (be improved). 

Short Link:  http://tiny.cc/FSTXL


  • Made specifically for Hori's Premium VLX Sized Fight Sticks
  • Side Loading for ease of inserting and removing fight stick
  • Thick Internal Padding for optimum protection
  • Internal padding is removable to convert the bag for other uses
  • Cut out groove in foam for joystick area
  • Backpack and Hand Straps for versatility in mobility
  • Side Pockets for Water Bottle/Headphone/Cell Phone/Battery Backup storage
  • Front Zipper Pocket for quick access to documents (such as flight confirmations)
  • Two Vertical Zipper Pockets at each end of bag (allows storage of cell phones or other small electronic devices)
  • Co-designed in collaboration with Arcadeshock.com

SOLD OUT!  No more will be available for this design. 

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