RYU (Invincible Shoryuken) White Zip-up Hoodie (by Motoki Yoshihara)

If you're going to wear something, why not have something on it that's memorable or iconic?  Ryu's special move, the SHORYUKEN is the single most powerful move in the original Street Fighter games and even to this day, the most recognized move. 

Japanese manga artist (known for his Basara series), Motoki Yoshihara beautifully recreates the fluid and powerful Shoryuken motion.  Simple yet, having all the impact of power and grace all in one. 

Be comfortable in your hoodie and give them an upper-cut for good measure.

  • Imported Zip-up Hoodie (Ultra Comfortable)
  • Officially Licensed Street Fighter Apparel
  • Artwork originally penciled and colored by Motoki Yoshihara
  • Artwork approved for use by Motoki Yoshihara
  • Printed with vivid ink colors for a long lasting print
  • Ultra Comfortable (you probably won't even know you're wearing it)
  • Limited Edition (One Time Production) 

Artist: Motoki Yoshihara

$ 55.00

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