Character Statistics:
Height:6' 3"
Strengths:Making situations more difficult than they need to be by being an awkward mess.
Stamina:Take pictures until you can't possibly take another shot, then take a few more.
Defense:Black belt in a martial art derived from Wesley Snipes movies.
Quote:"Waiting in jury selection thinking to myself how no one in this room can see me in DDR: Mario Mix."
Interests:Photography, Food, Fighting Games, and loafing around.
My Dungeon:In the garage.
Bio:Pat is a photographer from Santa Ana, California whose interests in art are as big as his interests in video games. Pat will reassure you that he absolutely did tech anytime you throw him and will take credit for any mix up you fall for, whether it was intentional or not. Recently graduated with a degree in Creative Photography, Pat hopes to spend the next few years grinding his EXP until his photo skills reach lvl. 100.